200C Twenty Ideas

We’re trying to come up with ideas for hypothetical conference submissions that we could turn into something real within the next weeks.  This is my shot at that:

1.  Ultrasonic Feedback as a Medium for Improvisation
NIME, ICMC, EMC If I actually composed a piece
2.  Ultrasonics as Wireless Controller for Musical Performance
3.  Decorrelated Audio Upmixing Through Spatialization
4.  Machine Generated Remixes, Their Use and Possible Application
Mobile HCI
5.  Collaboratively Generated Playlists: Collective Social DJ
17.  The Floating Opera: Leitmotives Through the Use of Mobile Technology and the Cinimatization of Real Life

6.  Algorithmic Portraiture: Adaptive Online Beauty Crawler
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Animationa and Virtual Worlds
7.  Trend Montage: Automated Portraits of Popular Culture
Computational Aesthetics
8.  Adaptive Web Beauty Crawlers as a a Model for  Genetic Competition
Ars Electronica if it were a project rather than a paper
9.  Image Stitching for the Creation of Computer Generated Collages from Mobile Video Capture
Mobile HCI
10.  Time and Region of Interest Extraction for Use in Image Collection and Filtering
Computer graphics and image processing
11.  Region of Interest Extraction as Applied to Video Summarization and Analysis
Computer graphics and image processing
12.  “BrushUp” : Automated Enhancement and Profiling System for Personal Photos

13.  Proposal for Long-Term Education Profile and Spaced Repetition System and Its Affect on Society
educational journals?
14.  Proposal for Online Music Archive (OMA), a Free Collection of Scores and (At Least) Synthesized Recordings of All Music in the Public Domain
15.  Digital Immortality: Emerging Possibilities for Voice Synthesis and Personality Reconstruction After Death
16.  Attractiveness Profiling, Prediction, and the Contentification of Physical Beauty
18.  Machine Moderator: Applications for Speech Recognition, Conversation Tracking, and Artificial Intelligence for the Future of Human Conversation and Debate
19. Twitter as Cheap Fortune Teller
20.  PDA Helping you Score a Little PDA: the Future of Habit Tracking and Suggestion Engines

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