10 Related Articles

I’m thinking about using these for my Bibliography:

1. A tracking phase vocoder and its use in the analysis of ensemble sounds

This is an article that dropped in 1983, talking about ways in which to simulate an ensemble, which is basically what I’m still working on here, just with different techniques.  It’s pretty much a necessary thing to reference and it seems that everyone knows about it in this field of study.  (Namedrop Roots)

2. Adaptive digital audio effects (A-DAFx): A new class of sound transformations

This is less related, but may be a direction I’d like to take the research.  The way they introduce what they call “adaptive DAF” is that they kind of give an overview of all the different ways that sound is currently analyzed and manipulated and then at the very end of the article, show an example of their new technique.  Really it seemed more like an overview than anything, but it was quite informative with tons of references.

3. Frequency-domain techniques for high-quality voice modification

4. Perceptual evaluations of voice scatter in unison choir sounds

5. String Ensemble Vibrato: A Spectroscopic Study

Papers like this will serve as a very good conceptual background- it makes everything seem more scientific if you make reference to spectral analysis of physical phenomena (a trick everyone uses in sound engineering).

6. The chorus effect revisited-experiments in frequency-domain analysis and simulation of ensemble sounds

It seems like this is the last really big article on this subject although it was published in 1999 and really left things unfinished, which works out pretty well on my end.  I’ll have to reference this in terms of how my approach takes things further and in a different direction.

7. Timbre differences of an individual voice in solo and in choral singing

This is another spectrum-focussed paper by a certain Ternstrom fellow who seems to be a big name in vocal analysis.  It makes a nice reference.

8. Voice conversion through transformation of spectral and intonation features

9. Voice Solo to Unison Choir Transformation

Here some researchers are trying to do what I’m doing, but aimed only at the voice and through convolution-based techniques that are very limiting.  It doesn’t seem that this caught on because I can’t find many outside references, but it’s interesting work.

10. Analysis and Simulation of Ensemble Sounds

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